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Introducing CATU
Introducing CATU
The Cable Anti-theft Unit
A simple solution...
A simple solution... a complex problem
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Introducing the Cable Anti-Theft Unit (CATU)

The CATU system is a cost effective way to restrain the ease of stealing suspending and underground power and data cables. It is based on the premises that tying the suspended cables together by means of an innovative gripping unit, that could withstand various vandalistic extremities, would hamper the effort enough so that it would be abandoned. The CATU system features a compact design that implies logistical advantages, whilst having an extremely easy installation. Its inherent simplicity insures a very low cost solution, especially seen in context of the magnitude of losses that is incurred, while ensuring reliability of performance. The operational success is also contributed due to its inherent simplicity.

Quick Facts

  • Copper cable theft costs the global economy billions of dollars per year.
  • The global cost of copper has increased by nearly 285 per cent over the last nine years.
  • Global demand for copper is expected to rise by more than 40 percent by the year 2020.
  • CATU clamp is designed to ensure the securing of any type of cable and is patented worldwide.
  • All our tests have proven CATU to be extremely efficient and conform to all the set criteria.
  • Tests have shown that it will not be possible to steal underground cables with normal vehicles.
  • With CATU installed, it will be extremely difficult and time consuming to steal overhead cables so much so that the effort is abandoned.
  • Pilot test sites have been identified and CATU’s have, on some of them, been installed with resounding success.

Worldwide Patent Pending

Reg. number 2011/01764

Description of patent: This invention relates to the protection of cables. In particular, the invention relates to a cable protector, a cable protection arrangement and to a method of protecting a cable.

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