"There is no compeditor product worldwide for overhead cables based on the simplicity of CATU"


The Cable Anti-Theft Unit (CATU) system features a compact design that implies logistical advantages for both overhead and underground cables. The CATU system connects two adjacent overhead cables to each other via two fixtures (or clamps), one on each cable which in turn are connected through a non-conductive rod-swivel system. These two isolated fixtures each contain a recess that securely hug the cable, as well as a locking plate that rotates into position and gets securely locked once the cable is located. Underground CATU system will be working on the same principals, only having an anchor point to secure CATU firmly.

Theft Prevention

If a cable is disconnected or severed either by cutting or sawing through it, it will recoil rapidly due to the cable tension. This recoil is used by the fixtures, which is clamped onto the cable, to aggressively bite down on the cable thus creating an effective pinch system. The severed suspended cable is now connected to the intact adjacent cable with no parts hanging or falling to the ground. The only way to get hold of the severed cable is to cut or sever the complete network of suspended cable. It complicates the whole event, and it becomes exceedingly risky and difficult to remove these cables. This in itself is the strategy to deter thieves from their intentions.


  • This unit can withstand high temperatures and tremendous shock loads
  • Its functionality is not affected by environmental aspects
  • These units are maintenance free and are intended to serve the full life of the cable.
  • Its design is completely scalable to accommodate all relevant cable diameters


Installation is both quick and safe. One or two operators can install the CATU unit. Installation time for two operators is estimated to be less than 2 minutes.