Our Story

Aman Technologies (Pty) Ltd is a South African based company that focus on technological developments. Its owners have developed the Cable Anti-Theft Unit (CATU) and are marketing the unit on a commercial basis.

The growth and development of AMAN Technology Pty (Ltd) is focused on the generation of solutions through partnerships and networks to develop and establish technologies in relation to the modus operandi of cable theft.

The mission of the company is to provide cost effective and robust solutions that focus on restraining thieving efforts as opposed to the current notification systems that only alert authorities when such activities are in progress.

The company is owned by private individuals (58%) and The Industrial Development Corporation of South Africa (IDC) (42%). This has brought together a team of competent and innovative mechanical, electrical, marketing and financial experts that is committed on a full time basis.

Aman Technologies Testing Facilities

A one-of-a-kind test bench has been exclusively designed and built to test the performance of CATU and to determine its reactions when a cable is severed. A real time simulation of a theft is created and CATU units are being tested on a continuing basis to meet pre-set criteria.

The 40 meter long test bench can also be used for testing the overall strength of various sizes of cables since we realized the potential of the testing facilites far exceeded just testing of the CATU unit.

This test bench is available for cable stess testing at attractive rates.


testing facility

Underground cables also undergo the following testing;

CATU units are anchored into the bottom of one meter (3 foot) deep trenches where-after the cable is connected to the CATU clamps.

The trenches are filled and compacted as is done normally by cable operators.

The cable is connected to a load cell and a 189kW John Deere tractor is used in an attempt to pull the cable from the ground.